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Why choose RIB CCS?
RIB CCS's complete engineering and construction management software, where Candy and BuildSmart seamlessly integrate, provides an interactive link between our estimating and project control solution and our enterprise accounting and operational costing tool. It shares critical information in real time. And the results?

  • Improved cost and schedule performance and certainty
  • Increased productivity
  • Growth of financial returns with lower volatility
  • Proactive management of project risk

Estimating, Planning & Project Control

Designed by contractors for contractors, Candy puts you in control with powerful project planning tools built on first principles estimating; making it the ultimate construction project management system.

• Estimating
• Planning
• Quantity Take-Off
• Forecasting
• Cashflow
• Valuations
• Subcontractor Management
• Cost & Allowable

Cost Management & Enterprise Accounting

Built on best practice, BuildSmart features next-generation procurement, cost management and enterprise accounting functionality; designed to eliminate departmental silos and offer unlimited workflows for all processes.

• Enterprise Accounting
• Cost Reporting
• Subcontractor Management
• Procurement Management with Electronic Request for Quote (ERFQ)
• Plant & Equipment Management
• Inventory Management
• Payroll

Managing The Engineering & Construction Lifecycle

Combining industry-leading project control and construction estimating software with innovative enterprise accounting and operational costing software; the RIB CCS Complete Solution is the only construction and engineering solution you’ll ever need.

• All the features included in Candy
• All the features included in BuildSmart