It's time to seriously consider the switch from Excel to a fit-for-purpose construction estimating solution.

C5 is built for the construction industry


Business Owners


Digital Strategists

Procurement Managers

Why choose C5?

Eliminate costly errors and win more bids

Confidently compile winning and profitable estimates.

Digitise, automate and estimate with efficiency

Maximise your productivity and bid faster, from anywhere at any time.

Protect your profit margins

Accurately estimate costs, apply and achieve margins with confidence.

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Project estimating made easy

Built on best practice so you're set up for success, every time

With First Principles Estimating at its core, you’re in the driving seat to accurately bid, manage and control your projects.

Work smarter and never miss another opportunity

Gain huge time savings with C5 through the use of previous estimates for future project bids.

Improved transparency, conformity and collaboration

A single source of the truth – know where your numbers come from, how they were calculated by who and when.

Upfront and downstream purchasing and productivity control

Accurately identify and manage the procurement quantity, productivity and budgetary allowances for every resource.

Consistent and accurate calculations

Input your resource data and feel confident that your costs are accurately calculated using C5.

Fit-for-purpose features

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of projects in User defined Folders and Subfolders.
  • Simply move projects between folders with drag and drop.
  • Make use of our various and continually updated Sample projects that contain sample data and rate build-ups.
  • Capture items to price manually or via a seamless import from Excel as *.xlsx file.
  • C5 is geared to give you the competitive edge: primed for First Principles Estimating using our one-of-a-kind free-format Rate Sheets.
  • Unique and innovative pricing tools and features include Global and Local Variables, Applied Factors, an array of pre-defined formula functions.
  • Rate, quantity and formulae changes are instantaneous.
  • Resource Utilisation and Wastage analyses in real-time.
  • Categorise your pricing data into User-defined Resource Types and Trades of work.
  • Reference Projects for re-using or re-purposing any previous project data.
  • Unlimited Subcontract Packages and Subcontractors per package.
  • Import by Trade or Drag and Drop items to be subcontracted into each package.
  • Manually capture or export items to Excel file for Subcontractor to quote and import same.
  • Interactive and dynamic Comparison between all or selective subcontractors by common balance and use maximum, minimum, average or preferred make-ups for unpriced items.
  • Every estimator and every project is different - C5 lets you tailor the application and distribution of Markup in a variety of ways putting you in complete control of your margin.
  • An incomparable choice of Markup options include marking up and/or exempting individual price items, marking-up by Trade, by Gross Rate or Amount entry, setting a required total, or as one percentage or amount across the entire job or any combination of the above – the choice is yours!
  • C5’s game changing interactive Project Finalisation Dashboard gives you the best seat in the house to review, analyse and customise your tender submission.
  • Pre-loaded with a set of essential report templates that require minimal customisation, C5 allows you to easily and clearly report on various aspects of your bid for internal or external (Client) purposes.
  • Report templates currently include rated Bills of Quantities and options for Resource, Wastage analyses and Finalisation.
  • Reports can be exported with the click of a button to various formats such as Excel and PDF.

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